Price List

How Payment Works

For the first month payment should be made via bank transfer or given in cash before the lesson per week. This is called our 'trial period' to see whether the lesson is right for you.

After this if you decide to continue, payment should be done as a standing order to be received by Generation Dance at the first of each month. 

Monthly payments are worked out by the amount of lessons received during the whole year (44 lessons). Four of these lessons are free for you to take your own holiday so you only end up paying for 40. We then divide this by the 12 months of the year and you will pay that set amount each month.

For example if you decide to take a lesson that is £4 the price you will pay each month would be - £13.30.

Late Payments

If after seven days payment is not received then a 'Late Payment Fee' of £5 per lesson charged will be added. If the payment is still not received within another 7 days the participating student would not be allowed to join in. This information is found within our terms and conditions. 



Account Number: 23949249

Sort Code: 20-37-13


Payments must be made by standing order, cash payments can only be accepted by prior agreement.